Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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So I'm gonna keep this short....maybe. Okay so I just got back from a banking weekend in Parakou. I went to the club. The owner paid for me to get in with my friends, then he gave us all a beer, a bottle of whiskey, sucreries, a bottle of amarula. Ton of stuff. All free, we stayed til 4 and went back home. Club was good, they played a lot of salsa music which I don't know how to do but it's okay. Came back after eating a hamburger and some ice cream. Bought some food to make a cake with. Made a pound cake for the people I work with. Went to a party for somebody who died in my village. There were 3 men playing instruments, 2 women singing on megaphones, and 2 people dance at a time. Me being me, they told me to dance so me and my friend in village went for a spin. When you dance well, people come up to you and put candy in your hand. I also got a few 5 and 10 franc pieces. We left to go get some food. Then, came back when it was more crowded and I went for another dance with the pharmacist I work with. Danced, got a ton of candy. Some guy put a 5 Nira bill from Nigeria on my forehead and everybody laughed and clapped at me, but mostly with me. Kind of reminds me from a dancing experience in Ghana...okay gotta run! Erika

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