Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Click on image to visit website. The 1st 3 mos we have no appointed job. We are to just get to know the town, people and resources. I've been looking for projects to help me keep busy. One idea is to organize a girl's basketball league. I've also gotten to know a volunteer in a neighboring town who is teaching. I may be able to help her with something. I'm slowly finding things to do. Tomorrow, I will be teaching, hopefully, 3 classes about hand-washing since it is International Hand-washing Day! Use soap and water! I wrote a song to Akon's "Smack That" about washing your hands so that should be fun. Akon never knew he was all about some good hygiene.
My house is basically finished now. My furniture is inside; a bed, table and chairs which were expensive because they are really good quality which I didn't really need but my homologue knew the guy so she took me to him. I had screens put on my windows and a screen door put in. The mason had to come cement things in so that is all coming along.
For sending LETTERS, send to my post at
Erika Lobe
Corps de la Paix
BP 126
Kandi, Benin
Afrique de l'Ouest
For PACKAGES, its safter to send them to
Erika Lobe
Corps de la Paix
01 BP 971
Cotonou, Benin
Afrique de l'Ouest
My French, eh, don't know if it has improved. My Bariba has stayed the same, but after these classes I won't really have anything to do so I can study study study in the heat. So far, I've only had 3 babies pee on me. Somebody brings me water from the pompe so that I don't have to and somebody in my concession washed my clothes for me. They seem to think that because I'm foreign, I'm not capable of doing chores so I have started washing my dishes inside which they probably think is really bizarre. Some vielles (old ladies) came to saluer(welcome) me one morning as I was doing dishes and they took the dishes from me and finished washing them. I tried, I guess that's not really something to complain about.
Gotta run!

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