Sunday, August 30, 2009


Peace Corps life is very busy these days. I'm living with a host family. Mama, stay at home mom, and Papa, an architect, have 5 children ages 4, 6, 12, 15 and 16. They're very eager to help me with my French, which is coming along, though not fluent yet. My meals have given me a taste of a variety of foods. The main staple is a corn based mash that you roll up into a ball and use to pick up sauces and veggies. I've been eating goat regularly as well as beef.
I've been taking some pics but haven't gotten to a computer yet to upload them. Stay tuned.
My day is basically waking early around 7, eating breakfast and conversing with my family then hopping on my bike, wearing my kickass helmet, heading to Peace Corps training center where I train until after 5, then head home. A little time for conversation, relaxation and eating dinner. Then off to bed. This is 6 days a week. Sunday is my free day.
On my following blogs I will be more descriptive and hopefully will be able to upload some images. Don't have much time now. Click image to visit my website.