Thursday, September 2, 2010


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My second kitty died. I got back from the south and saw the volunteers who were watching the kittens and they said that they have something to tell me. I guessed that my kitten died and I was right. Right after I just named it "please stay alive", so that didn't work. The volunteer of the other kitty doesn't want to give me hers so the search is on again and the mice continue to win our little battle. Apparently my friend was woken up at 4am to a screaming kitten and went to look and saw a big cat hurting and biting it. Its back was broken, bleeding, etc so that is all.

Funding for my project might not come through. Internet has been down here so its hard to be in contact with the Peace Corps people who I need approval from, but Im trying.

On the bright side, I have my mid service exam soon so i will get to see all the parasites and stuff that are living in my body! So after giving my stool samples i figured i would treat myself to a full body massage for 7 mille so roughly 14usd. That's it for now.

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